Jim Tudor

ZekeFilm Co-Founder and Site Manager

Jim has been reviewing films since 2003 for outlets such as ScreenAnarchy (formerly TwitchFilm, both as Featured Critic), ImagineDat, and KTRS 550 AM. He co-founded ZekeFilm in 2011. He is Director of the St. Louis Film Critics Association, and works as video editor and Art Director for professional film and video productions. He also co-hosts the long-running comedy podcast, The Wonder Show. He is a life-long St. Louisian living with his wife and four children. He loves Star Wars, Queen, and the band Daniel Amos.

Ryan Stanley

Ryan Stanley

Art Director

Ryan is a gifted professional graphic designer and the creative tech genius behind the new, much-improved ZekeFilm website. He and his wife live and work in St. Louis, MO with their four boys.

Sylwinn Tudor

Director of Marketing & Business Relations

Sylwinn is the hard-working "woman behind the curtain" at ZekeFilm, tending to the day-to-day needs of the organization. She's lived in St. Louis most her life, and enjoys gardening, cooking, sewing and reading. Sylwinn is a certified birth doula serving the greater St. Louis area.

Erik Yates

Erik Yates

Featured Critic and Board Member

Erik Yates is a high school teacher by day, and has extensive writing experience writing curriculum for various outlets, songs for his former band, and articles for the blog Vinyl Theology. Erik resides in Houston, Texas and is passionate about film, music, family, and traveling. When he is not watching film, or working at his day job, Erik finds time to add to his vinyl record collection, play guitar, or attend concerts. You may just find him hanging out at the local Alamo Drafthouse. You can connect with him on his Twitter account.

Jeffrey Knight

Jeffrey Knight


Jeff is an avid film fan who has been captivated by the images projected onto the big screen ever since he was a small child. His other interests include comic books (both reading them and writing/drawing them), wine, and photography. He lives in St. Louis with his wife and teenage son.

Justin Mory

Contributor and Classic Film Czar

From his home in Madison, Wisconsin, Justin is well on his way to achieving his childhood goal of seeing every movie ever made. A devotee of literature and cinema, he's here to share what he's picked up along his lonely cinematic path of the “omniviewer”. Justin's Top Ten Films of All Time:

Krystal Lyon


“I love sitting too close to the screen. I want to leave "The Fast and the Furious" and drive entirely too fast. I want to be so obsessed with "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid" that I paint my laundry room to look like a Bolivian bordello. (True Story!) And when Tom Hanks says “Earn This” in "Saving Private Ryan" I want to make him proud!” Krystal lives in Bloomington Illinois, where she pursues community development and art.

Paul Hibbard


Paul has written about politics and baseball for other outlets in the past. Besides cinema, he cites baseball, music and fitness as other key passions in his life. His reviews are humorous and sometimes cutting, aiming to get at central themes of any given movie. For him, the value of film lies in the way the art form can use plot, vision and sound to create stories of flawed, relatable people that are riveting and allegories for deeper things.

Rob Gabe

Rob lives in Chester, Pennsylvania where he works as a copywriter & video editing assistant. He's a Staff-Writer West Chester University's The Quad. He says that cinema provides “an outlet for individual expression and insight into the human experience. It also allows us to empathize with others, as well as coming to better understand their plight. Beyond that, sitting in the theater among a large audience and watching a film together is just plain fun.”

Robert Hornak

Contributor, Board Member and Classic Film Czar

Robert fell into the movie trap at 7 with Ray Harryhausen, advanced through the Marxes, the Coens, Hawks, Spielberg, and Truffaut, and now loves too many to possibly list. He’ll watch an old movie before a new one every time, and a comedy before a drama, but mostly he’ll watch just about anything. He’s a writer in L.A., where he lives with his wife, who knows all about his crush on Myrna Loy.

Sharon Autenrieth

ZekeFilm Board President and Contributor

Sharon is an experienced writer with her own blog and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's religion blog. A wife and mother to 5 kids, she in on staff with her church and enjoys running, coffee, and good books. A bit of an activist around certain topics (politics, religion, sexuality, gender), Sharon looks to cinema for the empathy and fun it can provide. “I believe art is a gift from a good Creator. Sometimes Christians are suspicious of film, but I find that thoughtful engagement with movies has been a means of personal and spiritual growth for me. I hope my involvement with Zeke helps others to have a similar experience with film!”

Taylor Blake


Taylor Blake is a life-long film aficionado. Ever since she saw The Lion King in theatres at age 2, she was hooked—initially on every Simba and Nala stuffed animal she could find, later on any great movie she could find. She graduated in 2014 with a B.A. in Journalism from Taylor University, where she also dabbled in film courses. One of her college highlights was attending the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.