“WHAT??  You’ve Never Seen THAT?!?”

No matter how many movies we see, we all have our cinematic blind spots.  Here at ZekeFilm, we’re opting to come clean, and celebrate the chance to catch up, alongside of one another!

With each installment of “Film Admissions”, an assortment of our trusty site contributors not only fess up to whatever cinematic gems have eluded them until now, but take the opportunity to share their thoughts on the film.  These may be funny, prosy, clever, personal, all of the above, and maybe even more.

Did it live up to its reputation?  Should you front-load it in your own to-see queue?  Did it shock, amaze, even delight?  Or did it not age so well?  Welcome to Film Admissions, where we, together, regularly dig into cinema’s past.  And you are welcome to play along!