Enter Our Matrix!

Do you love movies, and want to share that love?  Does the idea of helping others enrich their media viewing life sound thrilling?  You’ve come to the right place.

ZekeFilm, in our pursuit of “community through cinema”, aims to offer a continuing range of thought-provoking cinematic content.  Whatever your field of interest, be it classic or new movies, episodic television, acting, directors, or particular themes, we just might be able to find a place for you.  We’re interested in new writing, video content, audio & podcasting content, and more.

When you contribute to the ZekeFilm site, you’re contributing to an online “toolbox” intended to enrich.  From here, people can utilize our content to bolster their own movie night gatherings, as well as their own individual movie pursuits.

ZekeFilm is a labor of love, and does not pay at the moment, although we are nationally recognized, and operate as a viable publishing platform for any skilled film commentator looking to step up to that next level.  When you contribute to us, there’s little to no editorial meddling, and you own your work.  We only ask that you keep things in the realm of “PG rated”, and free of name calling and other such negativity.

Get more details and to submit a sample of your work here.  Be sure to include contact information, where you live, and what you’re interested in contributing.